Dog Dad Games
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June 21, 2016



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Our game takes place within a perfectly ordinary home, until 4 elderly scholars of wiz-biz carelessly decide to mess around with some experimental magical materials, and something goes WRONG.



One of their friends got turned into a very affectionate ghost! The remaining corporeal humans are FRIGHTENED and CONFUSED (and maybe curious about what it is like to actually smooch a ghost? I mean, what would that even feel like?). Before any of them can act, the ghost lays their sweet spooky lips on a piece of furniture. With a single smooch, the furniture pops to life! It immediately starts trying to get friendly with the other wizards as they become startled and run away.

The wizards decide that the only way to rid themselves of this passionate nuisance is by taking it out on the ULTIMATE DATE to satisfy its LOVE of LOVE. To do this, they must search the house for as many items with synergistic affection-based properties to properly perform this banishing spell.

After picking their wizard avatars, one player is randomly selected to play as the overly affectionate ghost. The Wizards must work as a team to collect magical items and place them in séance circles in order to banish the ghost. They must also avoid love-hungry furniture that the ghost has brought to life with its doting kisses. If the wizards manage to place each item in the circles, the ghost is exorcised. If every wizard falls victim to the animated furniture's smooches, the ghost wins.



A handful of students and graduates from Columbia College Chicago who transitioned the project from being a student capstone to a fully-fleshed independent game. Dog Dad Games was founded by Jack Bransky in 2016.

Kissy Ghost was initially conceived during a game jam in October of 2015 whose theme was (appropriately) “spooky”. After completing the prototype in roughly 36 hours, we enjoyed the project so much that a decision was made to turn it into an official indie team capstone game.

From the get go, we understood that there were a couple of things that made Kissy Ghost important to us:

1) We didn't want to make another game whose main interactions were violent

2) Accessibility

3) Charm/Humor

4) Cooperative multiplayer


KissyGhost Alpha Gameplay link

KissyGhost - Trailer link


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Awards & Recognition

  • Columbia College Chicago GDC

    - March 14, 2016

  • Bit Bash Official Selection

    - August 13, 2016


Jack Bransky
Founder, Programming, Level Design

Zac Bruin

Becca Hallstedt
Art, Promotional Art

Natalie Andrews
Art, Enviornment

Thomas Barrett
SFX, Sound Design

Amy Isaac
Design, Public Relations, Legal

Jim DeLuca
Public Relations